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What's going on in the UMC?

Links to information about
the critical issues in the United Methodist Church

The articles, videos, and websites linked below provide solid information about the issues our denomination is wrestling with. They will help you understand where we are and how we got here.

They come from a broad variety of the different voices that are part of the conversation.


Information from the Oklahoma Annual Conference regarding the process of discernment and disaffiliation.


The links below connect to the official websites of the various organizations.


The area of the official website of the United Methodist Church which includes resources related to remaining in the UMC.

WCA logo.png

The Wesleyan Covenant Association (WCA) is an association of  Spirit-filled, orthodox (traditional/conservative) churches, clergy, and laity who hold to Wesleyan theology. It is not a denomination, but has been instrumental in helping to form the new Global Methodist Church.


The new, theologically conservative Methodist denomination.

Articles & Videos

The links below will take you to collections of articles, videos, and other resources from a variety of sources. 

UMNews logo.png

The official news outlet for the United Methodist Church.

pnJ logo.png

A full list of articles and links to articles and commentary from a variety of sources. While it is created and maintained by a conservative pastor, it includes links to articles and essays by Methodists from a wide variety of perspectives. This is a particularly helpful article that gives a good overview of the history leading to this point.


A YouTube playlist of six videos in which pastor Adam Hamilton responds to Rob Renfroe's videos from a centrist perspective.


A YouTube playlist of six videos in which pastor Rob Renfroe addresses the issues within the United Methodist Church from a conservative perspective.

A playlist of videos created by Revs. Bob Long and Wendy Lambert at St. Luke's UMC in Oklahoma City. These videos address several topics. 


A one page communication from the Council of Bishops regarding the continuing United Methodist Church.

africa initiative.jpg

A recent press release from an association of African United Methodists. In 2008 members of the delegation from Africa created this group to foster relationships among their delegation and to develop skills needed for full participation in the legislative committees and legislative sessions at General Conference.

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